NOS Journaal iPhone app live on the Appstore


The followers of my twitter account might have noticed that I spend some time at the NOS (the Dutch public broadcasters) the last few weeks. Now I can announce the result of my work: The official NOS Journaal app is live! It shows the last news broadcast, as well as the last 8’o clock broadcast.  It can now be downloaded in the Appstore!

It runs on iPhone and iPod Touch, both over 3G (if fast enough, depending on coverage and subscription) and WiFi.

More about the app can be read at the NOS nieuwe media blog (dutch) and the website of iPhoneClub (also dutch) who was first to notice the app.

Tweakers also wrote about it, and right now it’s #2 on the dutch appstore. Yay!

3 thoughts on “NOS Journaal iPhone app live on the Appstore

  1. It’s great that we can receive NOS journaal on our iPhones now, but I have a question: previously (straight after the launch of this APP), it was possible to view the stream – using the Apple audio/video cable – on a computer monitor, but from the moment there was an update of the APP (added Politiek 24 live and Journaal 24 live, viewing the video on an external screen is not possible anymore.

    Is there a reason for this, and if not: can it be made possible again, since it was really very handy to view the news on a ‘normal’ screen instead of the very small iPhone screen.

    Thanks a lot!

    Matthieu Quere.

  2. Hi Matthieu. There is a reason for this: we switched video players. While the new player is faster, it doesn’t rotate, nor enable the TV-out. I will forward your suggestion to enable this again.

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