Jeugdjournaal iPhone app live

Jeugdjournaal App screen

Last week the NOS launched the Jeugdjournaal iPhone app I built for them:

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Besides showing the latest news broadcast, it also allows users to vote on the latest daily poll, which is synced with the polls on their website.

While not many children will have an iPhone, the app also works on the iPod touch, and can offcourse also be installed on the iPhone’s of parents.

The app is available in the Itunes Appstore. More about it can be found at the iPhoneclub or at the Weblog Nieuwe Media by NOS.

One thought on “Jeugdjournaal iPhone app live

  1. Dag Martijn,

    Via Bauke Freiburg (van VideoDock) kom ik bij jou terecht. Wij van Basic Orange hebben een iPhone app ontwikkeld voor het Concertgebouworkest. Zou je hier graag over spreken. Hoe kan ik je contacten?



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