This week, I employed 1052 people..

While Ford invented the Assembly line around 1910, I didn’t expect to employ a large group of people to work for me, on repetitive tasks. However, this week, I had 1052 people working for me. As part of the video clip project One Frame Of Fame we have thousands of users submit a frame for our video, with their webcam. These are all volunteered.
But to make sure all frames are actually people participating in the project, and to rate how well the users do, we use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, via Crowdflower.
All images are rated by at least 3 people (but the average number currently is around 8 votes/image). Last night I looked into the statistics, and sofar 1052 people have worked for us, doing 61.000 ratings of our images. The top workers have rated thousands of pictures, while the people at the end of the longtail of workers have only participated in 18 frames (we offer images in groups of 18, so that’s the minimal amount of work that can be done).

Strangest thing is that, while these people work for us, I have never met them (and I probably can’t even get in touch). It’s a too large group to have a beer with, or even talk to. They might be on the other end of the world, yet they are clicking away on our project.

Without this world wide web thingy, this worldwide collaboration of thousands of people would never have been possible.

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