Sensation Vodafone 360 widget live

It’s always cool to work on new mobile platforms. And since I’m a big believer of HTML as a future cross-platform development environment, the Vodafone widget platform shows a nice promise. I had done some experiments with the platform, but now the first widget went live.

Together with The Saints I developed a widget for Sensation for the Vodafone platform. It shows the latest video’s from Sensation’s Youtube channel. It also shows the news around their world-wide events, and the latest tweets from the official Sensation channel.

For those running the Vodafone widgets, or owning the H1 or M1: It’s available in the Vodafone widget market.

Since most of the content of Sensation is on public platforms (Youtube, Twitter), which all have an API, the widget could be developped fairly easy without further technical support by the organisation.

One thought on “Sensation Vodafone 360 widget live

  1. Hey Martijn,

    Why do you think HTML is the future of mobile cross platform? OK, it is a nice thing to write apps once and run them everywhere but do you thing it will capabile of all the functions a nativ programming language can provide?

    Have you worked with PhoneGap, Titanuim, RhoMobile or any other cross platforms based on HTML? What do you think about them? PhoneGap is supposed to be integrated into the widget platform of Nokia. I am not really sure if it is good or bad. I am not convinced by that.

    My excperiance was that these app are a kinda slow and sometimes you have to build ugly workarounds to achieve thing you would do quite easily with a nativ language.

    Greetings Matthias

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