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Back to freelance

Back to work

My closer contacts know this, but I haven’t written about it here yet.
I’m back to freelance development.

Last summer, my company Skylines failed as a company. While we built some awesome technology, indexing over 5 million pictures a day, billions in total, we failed to build a sustainable business. So last summer, I (silently) went back to freelancing and some travels. My next few posts will show what I have built in more detail.

So if you have a fun project, either in backend, frontend or mobile apps, let me know! And I would love to do a project with connected devices, so those are more than welcome.

Photo Credit: Ian Sane

Sensation Vodafone 360 widget live

It’s always cool to work on new mobile platforms. And since I’m a big believer of HTML as a future cross-platform development environment, the Vodafone widget platform shows a nice promise. I had done some experiments with the platform, but now the first widget went live.

Together with The Saints I developed a widget for Sensation for the Vodafone platform. It shows the latest video’s from Sensation’s Youtube channel. It also shows the news around their world-wide events, and the latest tweets from the official Sensation channel.

For those running the Vodafone widgets, or owning the H1 or M1: It’s available in the Vodafone widget market.

Since most of the content of Sensation is on public platforms (Youtube, Twitter), which all have an API, the widget could be developped fairly easy without further technical support by the organisation.

New old project: DWDD iPhone app


I have been so busy working on new projects, that there is a bit of a backlog of things I worked on, and that are live now. One of them is the DWDD iPhone app I built for the Vara. DWDD is a popular daily dutch TV show. The iPhone app shows the short (5 minutes) version of the last 10 shows, as well as the full version of the latest broadcast.

You can get the app for free in the Itunes Appstore.

ING iPhone app Stufi Live.

Screen1For the ING I developed an iPhone app called Stufi. If your a dutch student you get a monthly allowance by the government. This is always a big day for students, as it means they can go shopping/drinking again. The main goal of Stufi is to count down to the next moment this happens.
The app also allows you to get a text with your current bank saldo (by using your phone number as an identifier). Also it has a gimick where you can decide who should do the dishes etc.
The app was developed in coorperation with SPRXmobile and the graphic design was done by the talented people at postmachina. You can get the app in the Itunes Appstore.

Jeugdjournaal iPhone app live

Jeugdjournaal App screen

Last week the NOS launched the Jeugdjournaal iPhone app I built for them:

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Besides showing the latest news broadcast, it also allows users to vote on the latest daily poll, which is synced with the polls on their website.

While not many children will have an iPhone, the app also works on the iPod touch, and can offcourse also be installed on the iPhone’s of parents.

The app is available in the Itunes Appstore. More about it can be found at the iPhoneclub or at the Weblog Nieuwe Media by NOS.

Journaal iPhone app in the news

This post will be in dutch. Abstract: The iPhone news app I created, was mentioned in the biggest daily news broadcast.

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De NOS Journaal iPhone app die gisteren is gelanceerd is vandaag aangekondigd in het NOS 8 uur journaal. Ook staat de applicatie momenteel op Nr 1 als populairste download in de nederlandse appstore. Yay!

NOS Journaal iPhone app live on the Appstore


The followers of my twitter account might have noticed that I spend some time at the NOS (the Dutch public broadcasters) the last few weeks. Now I can announce the result of my work: The official NOS Journaal app is live! It shows the last news broadcast, as well as the last 8’o clock broadcast.  It can now be downloaded in the Appstore!

It runs on iPhone and iPod Touch, both over 3G (if fast enough, depending on coverage and subscription) and WiFi.

More about the app can be read at the NOS nieuwe media blog (dutch) and the website of iPhoneClub (also dutch) who was first to notice the app.

Tweakers also wrote about it, and right now it’s #2 on the dutch appstore. Yay!

#momo Backchannel


For Mobile Monday which I co-organise, I built a new Backchannel. Backchannels are a screen, next to thepresentation, where people in the audience can post their reactions. Our new backchannel includes posting by Twitter, SMS and photo’s via Mobypicture.

To post via Twitter, people had to include the hashtag #momo in their posts. The event was a big success, and #momo even made it to the trending topics on Twitter search!

I’m already talking to some other events, who want to use this to enhance audience participation.

The Setup

Photo’s by van Maanen

iPhone 3.0


Today, I watched the liveblogs coverage of the Apple iPhone OS 3 update. And I wasn’t the only one:picture-6
As I do a lot of iPhone stuff these days (more on that later, everything is still confidential..), I do have an opinion on todays release.

Things that I’m most exited about in the new iPhone OS (in no particular order ):

Streaming Video.

This is great. Previously streaming video was only possible by using quite complex hacks, on both ends of the stream (encoding the video into a special format, download that, unpack it on the phone). There were some parties that made it work, but it was really complex. Now it will work “out of the box”

Obviously this is useful for live events, as you can now watch them as they happen. They can now be streamed to an iPhone near you. But it’s also great for non-live events. I have talked to quite a few media moguls these days, and most made clear that there is quite a rights issue between downloading content, and streaming it. These parties don’t have the rights to offer their content for download, but they are allowed to stream it over the interwebs. With this announcement, they now can, to your iPhone.

Native Maps component

A lot of mobile software does something with maps: Mobile devices are portable by definition, so they make a lot of sense to show maps of the environment. And while the iPhone had a pretty good mapping application, until now you couldn’t use it in an application. You could link to it, but that would kick the user out of your application, into maps, without a simple way back . The other option was to show a webbased map in your app. But those are slower than the native maps, and have less interface options. For example: While google maps now does support pitching int their webbased apps, it doesn’t do the smooth resizing the native maps does, and which look nice. The addition of native maps is something I expected, but which will be quite usefull.

By the way, that other new mobile platform has had a native mapping component from the start.

Push Notifications.

While it’s great to have a good application platform, sometimes you want to be able to alert the user when he is not running your application. Especially when he can only run one application at the same time.For example, if you have a social application, you might want your phone to beep when your close to other users. Or when other things happen in the world.

To solve this, Apple already announced Push notifications a long time ago, but never got around to actually launching them.  Today they announced they finally will. This enables developers to alert users of (hopefully) relevant updates.

And the rest

Other things are also nice: The subscription model makes a lot of sense for applications that provide an ongoing service (social networks, for example). Music access has been wished by many, copy/paste and MMS are finally here (what took you so long!).

I can’t wait to get to play with the new API’s. Now the only drawback of a new OS is that a big part of the audience will run the old OS for way too long..

More on the new SDK can be found at Apple

(The top picture is taken by Engadget )