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I built a Backchannel


Beside giving a talk there, For the Hotspot day I was also asked to build a backchannel. For those who haven’t seen one yet: A backchannel is a public chatroom where the audience can interact with the speaker and itself. The audience can include their messages by texting them to a (dutch) shortcode, or using a hashmark in their twitter posts.  It enhances the involvement of the audience with the talk, as they have a way to interact with eachother, without disturbing the presentation.

The screen updates every few seconds, and fades in the new messages. If needed a moderator can remove unwanted ones.  I plan on using it for other events as well. If your looking for a backchannel, let me know.


SMS voting system for CleanClash


For CleanClash I was asked to build a SMS voting system. They had a band competition with 3 bands competing for a big price. To decide the winner, I built a voting system: The audience could vote on their favorite band. The results of these votes could be seen live at a big screen in the venue.

In the end, after more than 1300 votes were cast, band 2 won!

The voting process..

Band 1 playing
Band 1 playing
sms vote
The result screen

Photo’s by Ernst van Deursen.

New Widget: Wajong Werk

CreativeCrowds and TNO have done a project on crowdsourcing for Wajongeren; unemployed (partly) disabled young people.
As part of this project I created a quite complex opensocial widget (that fortunately looks really simple :)).
It’s goal is to help Wajongeren find new jobs, by showing them in their relevant social network.  It does that by getting your hometown (from your profile), and showing possible jobs in the area (province). Other visitors of your profile can suggest you a job, that is send to you trough the social network the widget runs on.
Today the widget was approved by Hyves, and can be added to your profile by clicking this link:

One of the most important features of the tool is invisible. The concept for the widget is developed by Wajongers themselves who shared their ideas in the “Wajong Challenge“.
Thanks to Creative crowds and TNO for the assignment, and for their help in providing the data.

(Oh, and suggesting me new jobs via the mockup above doesn’t work: It’s a preview that fortunaly doesn’t send messages :))