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Mobile Widget Camp talk: Hello Cats

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Today I gave a quick (really quick: About 3 minutes) talk on how easy it is to build a mobile widget. To show that I ported the jQuery Cats example to a mobile widget. In the talk above I go over all the steps needed to run web code on a phone. Not shown in the slides, but it was in the talk, is that this actually runs on phones :).

This week: MobileDevcamp / Music & bits


In the category: Stuff that keeps me busy: This week I’m co-organizing an event. Actually it’s 2 events, but they are at the same location, and have a shared schedule. As you might know, The Next Web is coming to town this week. We decided it would be nice to have two side events.

They are called Mobile Devcamp and Music & Bits. Mobile Devcamp will be a day about mobile developments. It’s in Unconference style: There are no planned speakers, but all attendees can propose a talk they want to give (and we have some nice announcements planned!).

The other event is called Music & Bits and has a more conventional (but not less interesting) schedule: It’s about the combination of music and technology. They have some great speakers lined up.

For those interested: Signup is here. (you can attend both events, with 1 signup! Isn’t that service!).

I hope to see you in Spaces (which is a great space!) this Wednesday!

Android Devcamp is coming to town

Android Devcamp Amsterdam

Together with some other folks I’m organising Android Devcamp!

In the spirit of MobileDevcamp and iPhoneDevcamp, we’r organising a day to get started with the new mobile platform.

It will be a day full of hacking, pizza’s, API’s and Android Phones. We’r working on some great speakers, and there will be support from local API providers.  It will be Jan 8th, at Pakhuis de Zwijger. 

Sign up now or read more about it at androiddevcamp.nl

Hope to see you all there!