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Fokke & Sukke widget live

The last few weeks I have been working with opensocial quite a bit.
I’m planning on releasing 2 complex widgets soon.  But while they’r not done yet, an easy one is: I build a daily Fokke & Sukke widget. You can add it to your hyves (or any other opensocial container, hopefully), by adding this url as a widget:  


If you are on hyves you can add it by simply clicking this link. An example can be seen at my hyves page at http://martijnpannevis.hyves.nl and it’s in the Hyves Gallery.

As an experiment I also don’t host any of the content on a traditional server. The data processing is all done by Yahoo Pipes.  And the small bits of static content (the images and XML) are served by Amazon Cloudfront. Cloudfront offers a CDN layer over their S3 service. One of the advantages over other CDN’s is the fact that it has no setup costs: you transfer the files to S3, add some settings ( I used the Firefox addin S3 Organiser) , add a CNAME in your DNS records, and your done.

While a CDN might be overkill to distribute a few kb of images (which also will be cached by the opensocial containers), just the fact that it’s possible without any barrier of entry makes it cool :).
So, have fun with Fokke & Sukke, and all add the widget to your hyves profile!