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Lowlands Project II: FIY Map.

Besides the OneFrameOfFame Lowlands edtion, I did a second Lowlands project. For the VPRO I made the map for the Film It Yourself project. Visitors to the festival could use the FIY iPhone app to film a concert. These movies are uploaded to the server, together with their metadata (location, heading, exact timestamp etc).

All movies are shown in a map. It features a slider, which visitors can use to select a timeframe they want to see video’s of. The movies are shown as icons, indicating the direction they are shot in, and as thumbnails next to the map.

The system is compatible with all modern browsers. iPhone, iPad and recent Android versions are also supported, as these are served a HTML5 video, and the maps are all built using the new version 3 of the Google maps API. And all items have their own unique URL, making sharing the video’s easier. Since the Lowlands terrain is a field with cows for most of the year, we also added an overlay, showing the stages of the festival. It also features a dynamic legend under the slider, showing how many video’s are shot at a time. All this is rendered client-side.

You can watch the map live in action at http://lowlands.vpro.nl/fiy.html and some montages of the multi-angle video’s can be seen at http://filmityourself.nl/blog/fiy-montages/

There are many future plans for FIY, but for now this is a great first step!

Mobile Widget Camp talk: Hello Cats

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Today I gave a quick (really quick: About 3 minutes) talk on how easy it is to build a mobile widget. To show that I ported the jQuery Cats example to a mobile widget. In the talk above I go over all the steps needed to run web code on a phone. Not shown in the slides, but it was in the talk, is that this actually runs on phones :).