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Build your own Internet of Things Thing in a day

The MomoMeter on Stage

At the Mobile Monday Amsterdam, which I co-organise, I did a short talk on how to build your own Internet of Things Thing, in a day. The technical process is explained in my blogpost from last year: called The MoMoMeter.
Since we videotape all our talks, it’s included here:

The slides:

More on the IOBridge I used can be found on their blog
Photo’s by Filip Bunkens.

Mobile Widget Camp talk: Hello Cats

View more presentations from PanMan.

Today I gave a quick (really quick: About 3 minutes) talk on how easy it is to build a mobile widget. To show that I ported the jQuery Cats example to a mobile widget. In the talk above I go over all the steps needed to run web code on a phone. Not shown in the slides, but it was in the talk, is that this actually runs on phones :).

NPox talk: API’s & OpTV

Last week I was asked to do a talk on mashups at the Dutch public broadcasters. First I talked about API’s, and how you can facilitate developpers.

The second part of my talk was on the OpTV mashup I built, showing some more techical detail of the process. I have embedded the slides above. A (Dutch) summary can also be read at the Mashen blog

Hotspot video

Part of my talk at Hotspot was taped and can be seen in the video (in which I talk about a secret mashup that I haven’t released yet… ). Also in the interview I mention some services I would like the public broadcasting to use (including one that’s not relevant to the subject, but it’s a nice dutch startup, and most people won’t notice :) Can you spot it?).