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OneFrameOfFame: the Lowlands 2010 edition!

After the online success of OneFrameOfFame, we decided to take the concept offline. We built a photobooth, and invited the 55.000 visitors of the festival to mimic one frame. Every fifteen minutes we rendered a new clip with the latest additions.

Since Internet access was unreliable at the festival, all software was modified to run offline. We used the same stack (Apache, PHP, MySQL, FFMpeg) as the online version, but it all ran on 2 mac mini’s in our booth. The interface was modified to run on one big red button. Since we couldn’t use Crowdflower for the moderation (as that runs online), I built a local moderation interface which runs on iPhones and iPads.

In the end it was a great success: We needed 1400 pictures, and collected over 2200 in just 3 days. The resulting video can be seen above, and has a complete different feel from the webversion which has changing backgrounds.

Build your own Internet of Things Thing in a day

The MomoMeter on Stage

At the Mobile Monday Amsterdam, which I co-organise, I did a short talk on how to build your own Internet of Things Thing, in a day. The technical process is explained in my blogpost from last year: called The MoMoMeter.
Since we videotape all our talks, it’s included here:

The slides:

More on the IOBridge I used can be found on their blog
Photo’s by Filip Bunkens.

NOS Journaal iPhone app live on the Appstore


The followers of my twitter account might have noticed that I spend some time at the NOS (the Dutch public broadcasters) the last few weeks. Now I can announce the result of my work: The official NOS Journaal app is live! It shows the last news broadcast, as well as the last 8’o clock broadcast.  It can now be downloaded in the Appstore!

It runs on iPhone and iPod Touch, both over 3G (if fast enough, depending on coverage and subscription) and WiFi.

More about the app can be read at the NOS nieuwe media blog (dutch) and the website of iPhoneClub (also dutch) who was first to notice the app.

Tweakers also wrote about it, and right now it’s #2 on the dutch appstore. Yay!

Hotspot video

Part of my talk at Hotspot was taped and can be seen in the video (in which I talk about a secret mashup that I haven’t released yet… ). Also in the interview I mention some services I would like the public broadcasting to use (including one that’s not relevant to the subject, but it’s a nice dutch startup, and most people won’t notice :) Can you spot it?).