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Location based systems on mobile phones

Context Aware Location Based Systems (LBS), that change their workings based on location, have been a promise on the horizon for many years. While several research projects have developed working systems, they were all geared towards specialized hardware, limited areas and focused on their own data sources. This thesis describes the implementation of a Context Aware Location and Time based system on a normal modern mobile phone, with a minimum of requirements and without an area restriction. The system can show relevant information about the current environment the user is in and places to go, based on public sources on the Internet. This work describes the trends that lead to LBS, locating techniques, data sources and implementation issues with location based systems in general, and more specifically the Nulaz system.

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You can download the full text of the paper, or order a hardcopy online. If you want a shorter overview, you can read the 8 pages short paper.

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